Nita Sharma



“I have known Nita professionally for many years and have always admired her exceptional grasp of, and expertise in, Diversity and Inclusion, including her thought leadership in unconscious bias. More recently I have co-facilitated with Nita at workshops and am greatly impressed by her outstanding skills in facilitation and, in particular, in engaging and impacting the learning for the participants. Furthermore, Nita’s workshop designs are amongst the most creative and effective I have come across.”

— Senior D&I consultant

“These were very informative and thought provoking sessions. They certainly left people thinking about how they could adapt their communication styles to be more effective with Indian counterparts. These sessions were well-facilitated and raised people’s awareness – giving practical solutions.”

— Senior leader in Oil and Gas

“This is the third year that the CEO and the board have invited Nita Sharma to come and facilitate our ‘Realignment sessions’. The sessions have always been conducted in a very professional manner, navigating the board towards a strategic direction with clear actions and priorities for the coming year”. This has been a clear asset for our growth.”

— Gary Medazoumian – CEO, Grove End Housing

“Nita and I have partnered together on many projects since 2006. Working with her is always engaging. Nita is collaborative, and seeks connections in her relationships, which is a true added value to clients and colleagues. I very much value Nita’s, insights, passion and knowledge, that she brings to her work in diversity and inclusion and culture. Her consulting and facilitation skills with clients all over the world mean that she often adaptable and flexible yet focussed on what needs to be done. I would highly recommend working with her.”

— Jennifer Allen – Global L&D APMTerminal

“Nita’s advice was insightful, her questions were searching and she demonstrated a lot of empathy and wisdom in our interactions. I was connected to Nita through the Aspire Foundation mentoring scheme. She is an active listener and her approach was appropriate and consistent, challenging and reassuring me as needed, asking me to show upas she did.”

— Shahina Bahar – Senior National Society Development and Partnership Advisor at British Red Cross
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